Decorated Wheel Photo, posted 2012-11-28

As I was preparing to share this photo today I looked at it more closely and decided that it really wasn’t what I thought when I made the shot.  At that time, and even a few minutes earlier this morning, I had titled this image “Decorated Wagon Wheel”.  Then I started looking at the wheel more closely.  Why was the hub one shape on one side and a totally different shape on the other side?  Looking at the rim, each spoke is bolted or riveted to the outside of the rim.  If this wheel rolled down a street, one would be subject to constant bumping as the spoke ends hit the road.  Eventually these ends would wear away and the wheel would fail.  There is no lip on the rim so it wouldn’t seem suited to hold a tire.  So what is this wheel for?  I really don’t have any idea but I’m no longer going to call it a “wagon wheel” but will simply stay with the more generic “wheel”.

In March, I started a project on my previous web site ( where I planned to post one photo a day for a year.  The site is still there and includes all of the photos since the project began.  Since I started this site, the same image is posted in both locations.  I was really surprised this morning to see that I had 272 images posted there which means I’m almost 3/4 of the way toward that original goal.  I actually strayed slightly from the original goal because I left the same image up for a few days around Memorial Day to honor our fallen veterans.  I still plan to continue the project until I have posted 365 images.  Some of the photos are recent, while others go back into the 1970’s when I first started taking 35mm images.  Some are good, some could use improvement but all have some meaning that caused me to select them.

On this site, I’m a little less disciplined.  I still try to have at least one image a day but on some days I post several images, I have a few albums posted, and on rare occasion I share some viewpoints around a photo or image like this.  I think I like this approach a little better but the original project keeps me interested in photography even when I’m pulled in other directions or am not highly motivated.

I also noted that there are only two days left in November.  Autumn is mostly finished here in St. Louis.  The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are getting colder.  Many of the things that were favorite subjects, spring and summer flowers and autumn colors, are mostly gone and finding subjects is more of a challenge.  In another month, 2012 will be gone and we will have new challenges for 2013.  Even though the year is wrapping up, it has been interesting to say the least – the goal to post a photo a day; getting into Facebook, meeting new friends and renewing old acquaintances; creating this web site; moving many of my photo posts to Google Plus. Hopefully next year will be as good or better than 2012.

Well, enough rambling for now.  Everyone have a great day and remainder of 2012.

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