John Deere Model 430 Photo, posted 2012-11-30

Early John Deere tractors with 2-cylinder engines, from the letter-series (Models A, B, D, GP, H, etc.) through the first two number series (60, 70, etc. and 620,730, etc.) were known as “Popping Johnnies” or “Poppin’ Johnnies” because of the unique sound of their exhaust.  Even today, the sound of these engines is distinctive and easily recognizable.  The John Deere Model 430 shown here was the second smallest of the final series of John Deere tractors with 2-cylinder engines (Models 330, 430, 530, 630, 730, and 830).  This series had a relatively short production span being built only from 1958 – 1960.  While retaining the 2-cylinder engines, many of the styling changes that became standard on the next series of John Deere tractors (1010 – 5010) first appeared on the X30 series.

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