Pelican Photo, posted 2012-07-10

World Bird Sanctuary – The World Bird Sanctuary near Valley Park, MO provides both a rehabilitation center and education on our winged friends.  They have a “hospital” for injured birds along with a number of cages where birds can be kept for rehabilitation and release or for their safety if their injuries prevent release.  In addition, they have a number of trained captive birds, primarily predators, that are used for education both at the Sanctuary and at local schools and other locations.  This pelican is one of several who was injured and brought to the Sanctuary by a good Samaritan.  In this case, it appeared that a wing injury would prevent the bird from being reintroduced to the wild so the bird will probably live out the remainder of its life either at the Sancturary or in a similar environment.  The close up view of the eye was one of several similar photos I took to put together in a larger collage.  For those interested in birds the Sanctuary is open to the public most days and is free of charge.  They also put on special shows like their “Owl Prowl” throughout the year.

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