More Cars, posted 2013-08-17

More images from the American Legion car show at Purina Farms today.

Even though these first two cars weren’t parked anywhere near each other and had different owners, the images really begged to be displayed together as explained below the photos.



Hey Little Cobra, by the Rip Chords

“I took my Cobra down to the track,

Hitched to the back of my Cadillac,

Hey, little Cobra

Don’t you know

You’re gonna shut ’em down”

I know I’m probably dating myself with some of these songs but they came out of the same era as many of these cars and trucks.


Like the Cobra, the GTO (by Pontiac for those of you too young to remember the true muscle cars) had a song,

Little GTO by Ronny and the Daytonas

No lyrics here for this one but you can listen to the song on the web 🙂


No songs to go with this little ’40 pickup but it was so sharp I had to include it with this set of images.


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