Pavilion, posted 2013-08-28

Experimenting a bit tonight with some post processing effects.  These are three shot HDR images processed in Nik HDR Efex Pro.  The first image is relatively untouched from the processing in the Nik software using default settings.  It was cropped from the original size to a 16 X 9 format.

Unmodified HDR

The second image used the first image as a starting point and was then processed in OnOne’s Perfect Effects. My goal was to create an image that resembled a vintage post card.  First I added a deckled edging to the image then I yellowed the image slightly.  While the results weren’t exactly what I was striving for, they were close.

Oops, missed a step when I originally posted.  Before moving the image from Nik HDR Efex Pro to the OnOne software, I added a filter called “Granny’s Attic” using the Nik software.  This changed the appearance of the image to something between the original colors and a sepia toned image creating a more rustic effect.

Postcard Worlds Fair Pavilion Postcard

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