Flower, Missouri Botanical Garden, posted 2012-07-27

Missouri Botanical Garden – Seems hard to believe that this photo of one of the many irises at the Botanical Garden was taken almost three months ago.  At that time blooming flowers were abundant and while the water droplets here are from the sprinkler system drought was not on anyone’s mind.  I visited the Garden last night for a second, and probably final nighttime visit to the Lantern Festival.  While there are still a few plants with blooms, the heat and lack of rain has limited them a bit.  The irises are long gone as are the other spring flowers and little change in the weather is expected.  Even so, visits to the Garden always offer photo opportunities and the Lantern Festival expands these opportunities even more.  While at the Garden last night I ran into an old friend who was teaching a photo class at the Lantern Festival.  I had not seen him for a couple of years then we’ve crossed paths twice this month.  The funny thing is that we talked about an hour before the Lantern Festival displays were lit and even though he was out with a group of ten or so photographers I never saw the group throughout the evening.  I’ll be posting some photos from last night in the future and hope that you will enjoy them.

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