Lantern Festival Photo, Qilin, posted 2012-07-27

Lantern Festival, Missouri Botanical Garden – Made another night visit to the Lantern Festival at the Botanical Garden yesterday.  Wasn’t sure if the weather was going to hold since it was cloudy during the late afternoon and there was rain south of the city.  The weather cleared and the displays were really beautiful.  This display is called Qilin.  According to the Botanical Garden’s brochure, “Qilins are rare creatures composed of different animal forms, some real and some mythical.  The look fierce, but they are peaceful creatures that can walk on grass without harming it and can even walk on water…symbols of protection, success, and longevity.”  The Qilin are composed of over 13,000 small glass medicine bottles filled with different color liquids along with colorful silk over a metal frame.

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