Bridges, posted 2013-10-29

A prime location for much of my photography is the Missouri Botanical Garden.  With the constantly changing flora in the Garden, along with seasonal decorations, opportunities for new and unique images exist almost throughout the year.  Those who have followed my earlier posts may recognize that one of my favorite subjects is the Taikobashi, or Drum Bridge, connecting the mainland with Nakajima, the Teahouse Island, in the Japanese Garden. While the island and the bridge are closed to public use all but a few days each year, each season and even each day in the season offers a chance for a unique image of the Drum Bridge.  The image here, a straight on shot of the walk leading to the bridge was taken after a rainy night a few days ago.  The rain had stopped but the clouds and puddles remained.  In addition to the bridge, you can see the dry gardens where the gravel is raked into patterns representing waves on the ocean.


Another bridge in the Japanese Garden area is the  unique zig-zag bridge called Yatsuhashi, a name meaning “eight bridges” which is located on the southwest lake shore.  Shown here on the same morning and still wet from the rain, this bridge rests on several small “islands” that are lined with lily turf and covered with irises during their blooming season.  While I don’t photograph this bridge as often, it makes an interesting subject at certain times of the year and offers a nice contrast to the Taikobashi.


As a bonus, I have included an image of the Yatsuhashi in the snow.  While many people may believe snowy days to offer no photo opportunities, some of my favorite Garden images were taken on days following heavy snow, including this one where the flurries continued throughout the day.  A snowy day like this can be a fun shoot if the proper weather protection is provided for both the photographer and the camera.



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