Upper Antelope Canyon, posted 2013-11-28

Several years ago I had the opportunity to visit Upper Antelope Canyon outside of Page, Arizona.  The Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons are slot canyons carved in the sandstone of the area by natural erosion.  In places the floors of the canyons are so narrow that two people cannot pass each other while the walls may be a hundred feet or more high.  As you walk through the canyons, sand falls like snow from above as it is blown across the desert at the top of the canyon.  Because the canyons are so narrow photography is limited to just a few hours each day when the sun is directly above.  During the rainy season visitation is often limited by the weather, sometimes miles away, because flash flooding can fill the canyons with water with almost no warning.

The first two images here were made looking down the length of the canyon.  The third was taken looking almost straight up. The tumbleweed is jammed between the two walls of the canyon about twenty feet or so below the canyon rim which offers some perspective about how narrow the slot canyons actually are.  All three images are from scanned slides which have been processed in Photoshop and Perfect Effects 8.




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