Rainy Day Wildlife, posted 2013-12-21

Today was a rainy, gray day in the St. Louis area.  Just a short distance away the rain was either sleet or freezing rain but here things were just wet.  Even with the rain I went out to see if I could find an image or two worth sharing.


Canada Geese, Buder Park, near Valley Park, MO

The local Canada Geese seemed to be about the only things I could find that weren’t bothered at all by the weather.  Like most other days they seemed to be feeding in open areas, not affected in the least by the rain.


Elk cow grazing near the road in Lone Elk Park

The elk cows at Lone Elk Park were also grazing near the roads, but they definitely were having a wet hair (or would it be wet fur) day.  They seemed to be trying to stay in or near the treeline although there were few leaves in the canopy to offer protection from the rain.


Bull elk resting in the rain

Most of the bulls were resting like this large bull.  Note the raindrops clinging to his antlers.  He later got up and started grazing but like the cows stayed in the treeline rather than moving to an open field.


Whitetail doe, Lone Elk Park

This whitetail doe seemed to be posing for photos.  She wasn’t bothered at all by vehicles driving by.  The background leaves much to be desired but her pose is almost majestic.

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