Resolutions, posted 2014-01-07


For the past several years I have held to a single New Year’s resolution.  That was, “To make no resolutions.”  This seemed to work well because there was no feeling of disappointment or discouragement when a resolution was not met, regardless of the reason.  I planned to do the same thing this year but earlier today I read a blog post by photographer Joe McNally.  The resolutions that he included there could apply to almost any other photographer.  I’ve shared a short extract of his resolutions here along with a link to the full blog post.

“Try to do some good work this year. Be straight up with all concerned. Be fair and decent to all the folks around us. For my part, I’ll continue to attempt to be at peace with the absolute certainty that some of my pictures this year will be good, and others will outright suck…I will never shoot my “best” picture. That will always be in the future, out there, like a mirage, receding continuously, even as I stumble towards it, parched and half delirious at the prospect of that potentially momentous click. In the meantime, I will attempt to avoid shooting my worst picture…Most of all, I will remain in love with making pictures, still or moving, and consequently, in love with the whole idea of being asked to go out into the world and hopefully see it in a good, interesting, vibrant, refreshing, quirky, or daresay even a memorable way…There are bound to be pictures out there in the year of 2014, and hopefully, I’ll shoot a few of them.”

And the link to the full blog post –

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