Photos and Songs

One of the Facebook groups that I participate in has a weekly challenge.  This week the challenge was to post photos that remind us of, or are associated with songs.  These are the photos that I have shared, or will share, with the group.  Can you guess the song that goes with them?  Answers at the end of the post.  (and a few extra photos are included.)


Bridge Over Troubled Water

2. Down by the Old Mill Stream

3. Hey Little Cobra

4. IL-2012-0263

5.Little Drummer Boy

6. Raindrops on Roses - My Favorite Things

7. Sail On Sailor

8. Yellow Rose of Texas



Answers:  1. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon & Garfunkel); 2. Down by the Old Mill Stream; 3. Hey Little Cobra (The Rip Chords); 4. The US Air Force Song; 5. Little Drummer Boy; 6. My Favorite Things (Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music); 7. Sail on Sailor (The Beach Boys); 8. The Yellow Rose of Texas; 9. Galveston (Glen Campbell)

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