Lantern Festival Photo, Jiang Tai Gong, posted 2012-08-22

Jiang Tai Gong Fishing – This is one of the many Lantern Festival displays at the Missouri Botanical Garden this summer.  Unfortunately, the Festival closed last weekend and the only way to see these colorful silk and metal oversized lanterns now is in photos.

According to the brochure distributed by the Garden, “Jiang Tai Gong was an expert in military affairs and hoped that one day he could help overthrow the evil Shang ruler.  He waited patiently, fishing with no hook, believing that the fish would come to him of their own volition when they were ready.  Eventually he was made prime minister by King Wen of Zhou, who gave him the name Jiang Tai Gong.  He later helped Wen’s son, King Wu, overthrow the Shang dynasty.”

This display was located in the Chinese Garden section of the Botanical Garden.  It was approached along a path through the Colorful Flower display and visitors departed along a path through the Cherry Blossom display.

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