Lantern Festival Photo, Cherry Blossoms, posted 2012-08-25

Cherry Blossom – The Lantern Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden wrapped up last weekend and, according to their web site, all of the displays have now been removed.  Garden members and visitors have the opportunity this weekend to purchase a variety of components of the displays while other items will be recycled or reused elsewhere in the Garden or in the city.  Other than a few of my favorite Lantern Festival images that I will post one week in September, this is one of the last that I will post from this summer long event.

This photo was taken late at night on one of the evenings when the lanterns were lit for Garden visitors.  It shows one of the many trees with cherry blossoms that lined the paths to and from the Chinese Garden area.  The trees varied in size and the number of blossoms depending on their location.  This was one of the larger trees.

The cherry blossom is said to be a symbol of feminine power, beauty, and love.  The bright pinks and golds of the lantern blossoms stand out brightly against a dark background with the trunk of the tree itself lit much more softly.

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