Turtle Photo, posted 2012-08-28

Speedy – Wildlife comes in all sizes.  Like his relative in the child’s story, this guy may not be the fastest but with persistence he will soon be across this road and closer to his destination at a nearby pond.

Most trips to the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area in St. Charles County have produced a few shots of ducks and geese but little else.  Seeing this guy and having him pose long enough for a couple of photos without closing himself into his shell was a bonus.  The Conservation Area will soon see an increase in the number of migrating waterfowl as they pass through on their way south for the winter but for now the most common user may be the fishermen that regularly visit the area’s many lakes and ponds.

With the extreme heat and lack of rain this summer it is likely that several of the lakes and ponds are suffering with low water levels, the dirt and gravel roads are extremely dusty, and the fire danger is fairly high.  These conditions may result in restrictions in either access or usage of the area so a phone call or check of their web site may be appropriate before planning a visit.

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