Young Bird Photo, posted 2012-08-31

Titles Are Difficult – As I was posting this image early today I came up against a real challenge – “What title would be appropriate?”.  I post my Image of the Day both here and on another site (  I try to include at least a short title in each location as well as a title for the photo which replaces the file name.

To understand the challenge presented by this photo a little background is necessary.  I was at the Missouri Botanical Garden late this spring or early this summer.  As I was nearing the exit,  I saw this young bird on the ground.  After watching a few minutes it was clear that it was the birds first day out of the nest and it was trying to learn how to fly.  The mother bird was nearby and noisy along with several others that got really loud if anyone came too close to the young bird.  While the young bird seemed content to hop across the ground, it was also clear that the bird knew it should fly and was trying to get off the ground.  I stood for a while longer after taking the photo to see if it became airborne but other than really short attempts, almost jumps, covering about two or three feet, the bird didn’t fly while I was there.  It didn’t give up though and continued to try.

When I posted on my other site, I decided to use the title “Learning to Fly”.  Appropriate enough, but not very imaginative. When I named the photo itself, I used “First Time Out”.  Also descriptive, but only if you know the background story.  I then came to the question of what title to use for this post.  Either of the above would work but just didn’t seem right.  I thought about a little humor with “Okay, Mom.  What do I do now?” but that didn’t seem quite right without Mom in the photo.  I could use something like “Hiding in the Grass” which tells a story, just not the right story.  Or any of several other options.  The problem was that none of these titles just really jumped up and grabbed me.

So the result was a title that talks about the challenge of creating titles.  If nothing else, this title gave me the opportunity to write a couple of short paragraphs to go with this, my last image for August 2012.  I hope everyone had a great August and that you will all have an even greater September.  Now its off to get prepared for the remnants of Isaac which are expected to reach St. Louis later today and last through most of the holiday weekend.

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