Childhood Memories – Green Tractors


Model D


Model 730

All through my childhood and through my college years my father worked as a mechanic at our local John Deere dealer.  In those days it was common for children to visit their parents at work and while we didn’t have all of today’s safety rules, I don’t remember anyone ever being seriously injured during these visits.  Some of my earliest memories are of the used John Deere Model D tractors parked outside the dealership waiting for sale.  While the numbers were probably small, in my young eyes they went on for row and row.  I also remember when some of the first Model 730’s appeared at the dealership.  I climbed up on the newer tractor and remember seeing a label for power steering.  So like any curious child, I tried to turn the steering wheel with no success.  When I asked the dealer’s sales manager why they called it power steering when you couldn’t turn the wheels, he climbed up with me, started the engine, and gave me my first lesson in how power steering worked.  The buildings where the John Deere dealership was located are long gone now as are many of the people I knew there but the memories of those big green tractors and their “Poppin’ Johnny” two cylinder engines remain and I still have a soft spot in my heart for the green machines wherever I see them.

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