Green Homes & Great Health Festival Photo Album, 2012-09-29

Spent some time at the Green Homes & Great Health Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden.  While I have some more traditional images of color in the Garden, I’ll post those separately and stay with images of the “green” portion of the Festival here.  There were a number of commercial vendors offering all sorts of home products and home improvement but I decided to concentrate on subjects that were more unique to the theme of the festival like the electric CitiCar above (note the receptacle for an electric cord just behind the front wheel).

Ever wonder what to do with those old oversized water bottles?  How about converting them to planters?

Along a similar theme, how about musical instruments made from recycled boxes and cans?

Organic vegetables seem to always have a home at any “green” event and they are good for you, too.

Something makes me believe this is not your typical Volkswagen.

Nor your typical minivan.

The local power company displayed some more modern electric vehicles.

Not sure how much demand there would be for a device like this but I could possibly see it having some value on a university campus.

And, of course, no festival would be complete without some food.  (There was an “eating healthy” display in the Great Health part of the Festival.  Seemed strange to see that then see some of the food choices offered in the Green Homes area :-).)

Some cookies for dessert.

Some S’mores baked in a solar oven to top off the meal.

Something to drink.

And some music to enjoy.


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