The Digital Photography Book, Vol. 3, Scott Kelby

 The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3/Scott Kelby, Berkeley: Peachpit Press, 2009, 243 p. (review originally published March 16, 2012)

This is the lengthiest of Scott Kelby’s first three volumes of The Digital Photography Book.  Volume 3, again picks up where the previous books ended and assumes the reader has either read the previous volumes or has a solid understanding of the tips there.

The chapters in volume 3 closely parallel those in volume 2 but there is a little less emphasis on “people photography” and a shift back to a bit broader coverage of topics.  One chapter which many less experienced photographers will find quite useful covers lenses and associated topics.  Also, previous information on shooting landscapes has been expanded to include the more general topic of outdoor photography.

Continuing previous practices, this volume closes with two chapters covering pro tips and photo recipes, or techniques used to capture selected sample images.  In both volumes, these two chapters provide some of the most useful and easiest to read information.  This is the one area where Kelby slips back into an emphasis on portraits and studio work.

While Peachpit rates this book as a Beginner Level volume (consistent with volumes 1 and 2), my view is that it is starting to move into areas that are for slightly more advanced photographers.  Even so, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending the series to any digital photographer.

As I noted in my review of volume 2, you can purchase all volumes in the series as a boxed set at with some possible savings.  These books are also available in eBook form (for both Kindle and Nook readers).

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